Poi Simulator Guide:
Use the four controls on the left to change the pattern.
Click and drag to change things (keeping the mouse in the circles).
The concentric circles are motion descriptions.
The tiny circles are durations for each of these.
Click on the blue text, or the middle of the animation, to restart the pattern.

Motion Controls
The outer ring of each control represents poi speed(-6 to 6).
(the poi speed is in a universal reference frame)
Click in the outer ring of a control and drag, keeping the mouse in the circle.
The top of each ring is maximum speed, the bottom is minimum speed.
The lines go blue when the poi speed is a whole number.
If you're having trouble making patterns, try sticking to one or 3 blue lines.
The inner ring represents hand speed (-1, 0, or 1).
The shading represents direction, black for no movement.

The top two controls are descriptions of the initial motion.
The poi pictures represent the starting position of each poi, and can be moved.
The bottom two controls represent the second part of the motion.
The second part of the control becomes active once the first part has finished
as defined by the mini time controls.

Time Controls
There are 5 time controls. One for each motion description, and one for phase.
The phase control is at the top between the controls;
it is a pause after starting the left motion, before starting the right motion.
The other time controls just define the length of time to use a given motion description.

Not Enough Control?
Copy the link to the address bar and change values manually.

Every time you click, the URL below updates. Please use this to share your patterns!

Created by Danny Thomas, August 2011
with processing.js
danny dot kaiein at gmail dot com